Broken Items

We have always experienced intermittent problems with broken chubs. Sometimes we go through a spate of problems that relate to a problem batch of tubing when it is not as strong and flexible as it should be.

If you received a delivery with broken chubs, this is what you should do:

Don’t call us – email to

Simply tell us:

  1. If possible, please give subject as Broken Chubs from [Enter your name here] so we can see them quickly
  2. How many broken items
  3. what range/flavours were they.
  4. Can you tell us – was the outer box showing signs of poor handling, for example it has been thrown around and dropped.
  5. Can you send us a photograph so we can see damage as that helps us.
  6. IF possible use the same email as your account email or tell us what your account email is if it is different.

If this has happened to you – this shouldn’t happen and we will look into the issue please be aware that the food will still be safe to eat/refreeze as long as its only partially defrosted.